Up to 2000MB/s read and write speeds. Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device, interface, usage conditions and other factors. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. [For 1TB and 2TB] Test system configuration: ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme GAMING ASSEMBLEED PC (Asmedia USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 controller), 1TB WD_Black SN750 NVMe™ SSD, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core Processor 3.69GHz, Windows® 10 Professional (64-bit). [For 4TB] Test system configuration: ASUS Prime B360M-A/CSM assembled PC (Intel USB 3.1 host controller), 2TB WD_Black SN750 NVMe™ SSD, 8GB RAM, Intel core i3-8350K @ 4.01 GHz

market sales

According to a TrendForce report, the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has reduced SSD channel shipments by 15% compared with the same period in 2020. Significant delays in manufacturing and logistics have also led to a decline in overall order volume.

However, the report also shows that Kingston’s successful global component procurement strategy has created a strong situation in which Kingston can still be far ahead of its competitors despite the double impact of material shortages and the epidemic. The second place with 8% opened a wide gap. According to the survey, the combined shipments of third-party SSD suppliers (non-semiconductor manufacturers) including Kingston will account for 65% of the total SSD shipments in 2020.

market sales

As the DRAM market has experienced many years of ups and downs, there are only three major suppliers in the world today, including Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron (MU-US), which accounted for 94% of the total DRAM market output value last year, which is an oligopoly market. Samsung and Hynix As high as 71.3%.

In the past 30 years, one of the major features of the DRAM market is the astonishing growth and significant decline. In the near future, the DRAM output value fell by 37% in 2019, and then increased by 42% in 2021. The highly volatile cycle has caused major DRAM suppliers to The number, from 20 in the mid-1990s, has plummeted to 6 today.

market sales

Detailed comparison of parameters between pssd hard drives and ssd hard drives